Thrifty Furniture, Inc.

Rachel began Thrifty Furniture Inc. when she filed her incorporation in 2004. Since then, Rachel has been able to hire employees, upgrade her storefront, increase her profits and grow into three new locations.

Rachel got her start with iCorp. This is Rachel’s story…

What made you want to start your own business?

To be honest, I think my business chose me. I had always loved decorating and dabbled in a little interior design when I was younger. So when a great location in the neighborhood became available, I jumped on it. Interior design and decorating had always been a passion of mine. I just made the decision to turn my passion into my store and vice versa.

When you first made the decision to start Thrifty Furniture Inc., what reservations did you have…if any?

Well obviously I was worried about the time constraints and the financial investment. The first thing I did was talk to my local banker whom I have gone to for years. She suggested I first setup my corporation before I started looking for a loan or open up my bank account. That is what led me to iCorp. I did not realize that incorporating was the best way to protect my personal assets before accepting a loan and that it is a requirement for a business bank account.

How did you begin your research?

Online. I went to a number of sites that offered filing services. I came to the decision to file an S-Corp after speaking with an iCorp representative. However, the decision to use iCorp to file my business with the state authorities was made easier with the discounts provided. I received a total of 60% off my incorporation order and received the Business Bundle and a free credit card terminal.

After you started your business, how has iCorp helped you further manage and grow your business?

The iCorp maintenance and management package automatically reminded me of important state and federal compliance dates that help protect my corporate veil. With their iAdvantage Cloud solution center I have been able to create and maintain my own company website.
Also, I have linked my free e-mail accounts & the free domain name iCorp has provided to enhance professionalism when corresponding with vendors and customers. The accounting software has helped me keep my finances in order from the start. The best part is I have my entire companies financial records, Corporate documents and employee records stored and backed up in the iAdvantage cloud. It makes everything easily accessible, plus, I was able to cut my incorporation order in half by applying to accept credit cards. I linked the free credit card terminal up with my bank account and have been accepting credit card payments from the day my doors opened. iCorp’s business solutions and fast and easy filing process were the catalyst for me.

Would you tell your friends about iCorp?

I have referred a number of friends and local businesses to iCorp. They all come back and thank me!