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Personalized Online Discount Shopping

Save Thousands of Dollars per Year on Your Business & Personal Shopping Expenses

Shop & Save on One Site

Buy is your personal one-stop discount shopping solution, where you can save thousands of dollars per year on business and personal purchases. iBuy has been developed with someone like you in mind, providing discount offers on products and services from over 28,000 major retailers (including Apple, Nordstrom, Best Buy, Staples and more.)

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How iBuy Works to Get You the Best Deals & Discounts Online

Over 28,000 Major Retailers

By working with over 28,000 merchants, iBuy has the buying power to negotiate exclusive offers from top name retailers and service providers. iBuy reduces your personal and business expense costs. The average users saves $1400 per year!

Business Advantages

Here are some of the benefits iBuy gives your business:

  • Get amazing discounts on the latest electronics, computers and software
  • Save on everyday office supplies from paper and toner to office furniture
  • Enjoy discounts for your travel needs, including hotel, airfare, and car rentals
  • Become a vendor on iBuy and promote your products to hundreds of thousands of new customers online

Personal Advantages

Benefits of iBuy go beyond business expenses:

  • Enjoy savings while shopping for your favorite brands from Macy's to Petco to Barnes & Noble
  • Shop online for discounts and coupons from retailers and restaurants in your area
  • Shop on the Green Channel to save on environmentally safe products
  • Personalize your account and get notified of the deals you love!
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