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About Us


iCorp provides a comprehensive suite of business solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Not only do we allow you to get a jumpstart on your business by quickly filing your entity with the proper state authorities, but we also package the basic business necessities to lower your "Start-Up Cost.” iCorp’s reputation has been built not only on our high-tech solutions, but also on our superior customer service. Simply put, we help new businesses meet and exceed their objectives. We structure programs to help you maximize your profits and to ease the pressures normally associated with "watching your bottom line."


iCorp understands the cost of starting a new business can be overwhelming. The cost of filing a business alone can put a dent in your startup capital. That's exactly why iCorp created a solution to fit every business by combining business necessities to provide affordable company filings. In addition, by ordering our iAdvantage Business Bundle, we provide you with: a company filing package, financial software, a cloud based backup center, and a free website. Don't need the iAdvantage Business Bundle? iCorp still has some of the most competitive filing packages in the industry. File today and let us, at iCorp, help you obtain the dream of owning your own business!

Experience the iCorp Advantage

The iAdvantage Business Bundle is a product suite solution that includes specially selected offerings geared towards successfully starting, managing and growing your business. Not only does the iAdvantage Business Bundle help your business run more efficiently and cost-effectively but it also provides peace of mind as well. We have used our industry-leading technology in combination with our innovative products and services to give you the ultimate advantage…the iCorp Advantage!

Just as business evolves, iAdvantage’s product suite will continue to develop and expand to meet the increasingly fast-paced and complex needs of society and business owners alike. Start using all of the following products iAdvantage has to offer so you and your business can grow and thrive! You deserve to have the advantage!

Got questions? Give us a call: 1-866-689-3989

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